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Transparent Conductors Markets 2011

Being a dominated material, transparent conductor(TC) is considered to be one of the most influential materials in the Nanomarkets in the year of 2011.Through some reports, we will gain a comprehensive understanding about transparent conductor markets.For a further comprehension, experts discusses some other typical materials(PEDOT,Graphene,Carbon Nanotube....) and company(eikos,unidym...). we could draw a conclusion that transparent electrode would replace ITO sooner or later.

At present, there also exist some problems about conductive materials  need to handle.For example ,the high cost ,conductivity and transparency need to optimized .As numbers of alternatives to ITO began to expand,many company focus their attention to find out which is the most suitable conductive materials to take place of ITO.But it turned out to be silver.As we all known ,silver nanowires is the significant material to transparent electrode.

KeChuang (Sino-American joint venture) is a famous advanced materials supplier. In the field of silver-nano technology, Kechuang is the pioneer in materials processing and applications. Our company has a strong R&D team, with over 70% of its employees having Master degrees or above. The research group consistently developed new technology and the products, now it has a controlled scale production of silver nanowires with different diameter(40-400nm)and different length(1-200um), which has reached the international leading level. Welcome anyone in related fields and industries has a further communication with us via e-mail and telephone; our company will provide you with the highest quality products and the most attentive service!

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