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Markets for Transparent Conductors in Touch Screen Sensors 2012

The touch-screen sensor market has emerged as a key market for the novel transparent conductors. Many of the suppliers of these materials have targeted the touch screen market as a source of new revenues and for a number of reasons. Thanks to Apple, this market is viewed universally as a fast growth customer for transparent conductors, while at the same time the touch sector is said by many to be more open to adoption of new materials and processes than the mainstream display industry.

NanoMarkets has been covering the transparent conductor market for six years now. We largely agree with the above analysis, but see it as incomplete. While providing much-valued early revenues for transparent conductor firms, we believe that the touch sensor market will remain too small to support all of those suppliers vying to sell alternative transparent conductor materials into this market. And, although there have been a number of notable successes by suppliers of novel materials into the touch sector; ITO continues to do a good job in much of this sector.

With this in mind, NanoMarkets has put together this report analyzing the demand for transparent conductors in the touch-screen business and showing how strategies for developing this market can be developed for maximum benefit to the supplier of transparent conductor. This report includes an eight-year forecast of revenues and volume shipments of transparent conductors into the touch screen sensor market as well as an assessment of the current strategies of the leading firms active in this sector.

This article is excerpted from NanoMarkets . Additional details about the report are available at


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