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This new report on opportunities in the silver inks and pastes market provides an up-to-date survey of the market conditions today and a forecast of the next eight years.  NanoMarkets has been covering this sector now for more than five years and this is latest in our ongoing series of industry analysis on silver conductors of various kinds.

In the report, we consider how the persistent environment of relentlessly high silver prices – with no relief in sight – is affecting the markets for these materials.  Will this mean a sustained opportunity for alternatives to silver?  We also identify the niche opportunities that continue to emerge from the traditional thick-film industry and conversely whether the profound changes going on in the display and solar panel industry will reduce the demand for silver.  For example, will the reduction of subsidies for crystalline silicon solar panels (a large consumer of silver pastes) ultimately hurt the silver pastes business and similarly will the steady decline of the plasma display industry have a similar effect?  Also examined in this report is the future of nanosilver inks, a product that has been full of unfulfilled promise for several years now.  Is it time to give up on the commercialization of these materials?

This rather gloomy set of questions is balanced in the report by an examination of emerging opportunities.  For example, large OLED lighting and television panels are just a few years out.  Will they prove a vibrant market for printed silver bus lines and interconnects?  In addition, in the new policy environment for solar panels, entirely new kinds of photovoltaics are likely to emerge quite quickly.  Will they make use of silver in the electrodes the same way that older types of PV did?  And all those sensors that will deploy as part of the “Internet of Things,” will they also make significant use of printed silver?

This report explores the emerging opportunities in silver inks and pastes in the light of all these trends and provides an up-to-date guide for finding the growth opportunities and navigating the market challenges. As part of this analysis, we examine the strategies of the key players in the silver inks/pastes markets, and identify what we believe to be the trends indicating likely success (or not) at different firms. Finally, as always we include eight-year market forecasts for silver inks and pastes by application and by material.

This article is excerpted from NanoMarkets . Additional details about the report are available at

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