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Transparent Electronics Markets – 2012

Transparent Electronics Markets – 2012


In the past few years there has been much talk about “transparent electronics,” but few, if any, attempts to assess the potential size of this market or whether there are genuine opportunities to be found in it. 


This new NanoMarkets report fills this gap and provides the first assessment of transparent electronics from a commercial – rather than technological – perspective.  The report covers both opportunities at the applications and at the materials level.


The report begins with an examination of the applications that have been proposed to date for transparent electronics.  Most of these have yet to be commercialized and in this survey we analyze each of the applications with a view to determining whether they have a real chance of generating new business revenues in the near-to-medium term future. 


Our assessment in this regard is based on how the sectors to which transparent electronics is being addressed have developed in the past and on NanoMarkets’ many years of experience assessing new technologies in the display, solar panel, TFT, and other related technologies.


This report also provides an in-depth assessment of the devices and materials that are likely to be used in transparent electronics.  Here again, NanoMarkets is able to bring to the table its long experience of analyzing the market for transparent conductive oxides, a class on which transparent electronics will be highly reliant. 


The report also includes a revenue forecast and roadmap for transparent electronics for the period: 2012 to 2019.


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